Introducing me and the blog!

Hiya guy! So this is going to be a much more chill and less sophisticated blog as i am going to be introducing myself and a bit more about what has caused me to commence this blog.

To begin with I am currently a 17 year old girl, with lots of ambitions in life and I am about to go into my second year of sixth form( year 13). Yep big and stressful year coming up! I study 4 A levels, currently I am trilingual, doing a scholarship for the football team Peterborough United, also have a 3 year modelling contract and balancing a part time job! I won’t sit here and say it is all easy because it is not but i believe it will all be worth it in the end. I am like any other human i procrastinate, make mistakes (wow i admitted that) and have my off days but i aspire to grow myself everyday. I am like every young adult i like to listen to music, go out for meals with my friends and spend time with family.

Now what has caused me to start this idea of blogging is that i saw my friend doing it and saw how much effort and passion he put into his work. I also am a very opinionated person with reason who likes her opinion to be heard, i like to help in ways which i can and alert people of things they aren’t aware. I also like to say things which most people wouldn’t dare, i am definitely a big character but in the most respectful and educated way possible. I despise seeing people get disrespected and being made to seem inadequate. I also have strong opinions on situations which are sadly going on around the world and would like to bring awareness to others or simply to get peoples minds ticking the slightest.

But hey! That is just a small preview i have big ideas planned for my future blogs so stay tuned, also i will be dropping one which i have already posted elsewhere because that is where i was thinking of beginning my journey but this seems like a better platform! STAY TUNED!

Published by iara456

A young girl expressing her opinions and voice! Trying to live the dream, making an impact.

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