Brexit or Fools exit?

Today I am bringing you the topic of Brexit. what is it you ask? well i can inform you that it is a consequence to the peoples actions after a referendum that has taken place. This referendum : a vote by the electorate on a political question referred to them for a concluding decision, began on the 23rd June 2016. Brexit is simply the withdrawal of the united kingdom from the European Union. Expanding further the European Union was established in 1993 with a coalition of 28( now that Britain is withdrawing/ has, 27) European countries, which was created to tear down trade, economic and social barriers… In addition to this, the concluding results were that the vote “leave” won with 51.89% and the vote “remain” lost with the percentage of 48.11% . David Cameron who was our Prime Minister had said that he will step down after Britain had shockingly voted to leave the European Union because he said “fresh leadership” was needed. It was obvious that David Cameron was distraught after the results after the fact that it was said that the “remain” side was looking good in the last few days of the referendum. David Cameron has said that his politic days are over and i think part of his reasons for this is the fact that he was running the “remain” campaign and they lost. He had many great ideas and hope for Britain promising: to help resolve the immigration issues reasonably, supporting gay rights and marriages, keeping Britain united. David Cameron would like to think that Britain will continue to stay very much united however that has taken a tole… Not long after the confirmation that Britain is to leave the EU, Ms Sturgeon said a second Scottish referendum was “on the table” and that the Scottish government would prepare legislation to enable one. Therefore are we continuing to stay united or has Brexit given other countries confidence to also want independence from the EU? The idea of having this referendum was because Britain wanted to: control their own borders, get money back and pass out their own laws. In my opinion, most people wanted to leave the EU because they thought that it would stop immigrants from coming into the United Kingdom and make Britain great again. I feel as though this is absurd, immigrants are still going to be allowed in and most immigrants come to Britain for a better life and not to steal British peoples jobs. I feel as though those are what the people who voted leave saw as the advantages. Yes we now do get to control our borders but that is to a certain extent, that does not mean at any point that immigrants cannot come in to Britain. That is simply what closed- minded, prejudiced and narrow- minded people think; which is rather disappointing because we should be united. Moving on to the reasons why David Cameron was correct to have taken the “remain” side. What people do not seem to realise is that Britain actually will and is financially benefiting from immigration, the more workers the more money goes to the government. Therefore, adding more to the economy than what they are taking. Furthermore due to the EU trade there is more job opportunities and less unemployment; if we leave unemployment is bound to rise up and the unemployment statistics will rise. A few more factors that i will mention is: the fact that the value of the pound will drop, trading may become harder and even more expensive, the cost of living may go up( most likely). There are so many disadvantages to leaving the EU, yet we still decided to leave. In conclusion, I am with the “remain” side there are more positives that outbalance the negatives, Some things could be firmed up but leaving the EU seems like a ridiculous and quick way out. Some people do not even know what they are voting for, they are simply voting for what they think will happen if we leave. So to make it clear no, immigrants will not stop coming into Britain, laws will not drastically change and no Britain will not become great. Britain is already great. These points are a basic overviews of the situation of Brexit. in addition to this my opinions have also been made clear throughout this piece .

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