Abortion Ban in some states of America!

Hi guys! So this is a big topic that i have been extremely opinionated and thriving to talk about. Abortion: the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. There is the definition of abortion for anyone who is unsure. So it is quite a recent topic which has been causing outrage throughout the world. A brief summary of what has been going on is that in different states of America the abortion ban has been taken differently in each one. Some have outright banned abortion, some have the “heartbeat pills” which gives a certain time limit to pursue with abortion(within the six weeks of the pregnancy) and some have different rules to it.

Lets begin with the fact that i am extremely against the ban of abortions because firstly most opinions or those placing the laws are males. Now males in my opinion should not really have a say on whether abortions should or should not be legal. Males will never know what it is like to have a baby forming inside you, the mixed feelings and whether the mother is ready for the kid. Now do not get me wrong i am not for abortion, i think it is a really sad and very dangerous procedure which has been proven to give complications after the procedure and some women are even faced with death. However, what i do not stand for is the nerve of someone without ovaries to feel as though they have the right to dedicate whether or not you should be allowed to go through with abortion. I have seen males with high statuses voice their disgusting opinions about how females should just close their legs and then it wouldn’t be a problem or that if they’ve been raped that they should stop fighting it and just enjoy it. Now if that doesn’t trigger your every nerve then i do not know whether all your brain cells are there. What is worse is the fact that these politicians or members of higher up are allowed to make these statements like it isn’t an issue and oh, you guys want to give them the power to run this world and then question the downfall of humanity? World full of hypocrites.

Women should have full control of what they do with there body, no matter how much society has evolved woman are still not equal, decisions are made for us. We are not incapable or less than a man.This procedure should be up to the woman in the situation.

I am aware that there are downsides and also consequences to having an abortion mentally and physically but it is much better than giving birth and resenting your child or putting it up for adoption. Everyone screams out adoption like it should be a normal day to day thing “just give birth and put the child up for adoption”. It is not that simple and also it shouldn’t be seen that way. Adoption isn’t always a good thing or foster homes because there are sadly some horrible people who just do it for the money and don’t actually look after the children properly. In addition to this putting so many kids up for adoption is leaving hundreds and hundreds of kids without homes. who grow up feeling unloved and with many unanswered questions.

I am just going to conclude this with the fact that i am not either for or against abortion in general but i do not agree with banning abortion completely. Women who have been raped, are underage and have fallen pregnant should definitely be allowed to decide whether or not they want to abort. On the other hand that is not an excuse for females who continuously get impregnated due to not using protection and then keep trying to get an abortion because that is outright wrong.You can’t just simply say that the mothers have to give birth to the baby and then not think of the consequences that come with forcing the mother to keep the baby. If you are so against killing of a child then how about you think of the consequences of the child’s life who your forcing into this world, make sure your not about to bring a new life in to the world just for her/him to die emotionally.

Those are just some of my thoughts on abortion, can’t really change the world with this but you for sure can get some people thinking. I have been studying other places where abortion is illegal and a lot of the women who are trying to go through with the abortion were raped or were as young as 13. You guys are so against killing a child’s life but are so slow to realise your killing another child’s life in the process but i’m guessing that because the child isn’t in the womb it doesn’t count, right? The child is giving birth to another child, but you all turn a blind eye.

The government or embassy is also very quick to say they are doing the best for the people but don’t realise that the more mothers that are forced to give birth, the more kids are put up for adoption, the more children grow up without living in a proper home without parents and that then causes a lot of mental trauma, anxiety and so many other issues.

That’s all i’m going to say on this topic.

Published by iara456

A young girl expressing her opinions and voice! Trying to live the dream, making an impact.

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