Honduras is not female friendly part 1.

Honduras is a topic that i have been learning for my independent research project in my A level Spanish carefully chosen in the end due to having elements i feel strongly about and also the fact it is truly horrific to be a woman in Honduras. I would like to make it aware to everyone just the kind of things that go on in Honduras.

A bit of background about Honduras to set the scene is that it is a country in central america and it is very poor. Honduras is known sadly for its violent ways, military rule and being corrupt. Furthermore, the deaths of women( those who are murdered by relatives or their partners) are so high that they have their own term: “Femicide” .

More than 3,000 women have been murdered in Honduras in the past decade and 40% of these murders are thought to have occurred during these last 2 years. The horrific thing is that many and many of these murders go unsolved and therefore go unpunished because many of these men who are killing these women are gang related and everyone including the government of Honduras are petrified of them. These women aren’t simply just murdered they are also burned, raped and tortured before being killed. How disgusting and what is worse was when i watched the documentary by: Stacey Dooley showing her going around asking men in prisons what they were in there for and none were ashamed. Many laughed, smiled and did not seem bothered. A group of men even said that because a woman doesn’t do as they please it gives them the right to torture, rape and murder them.

Another thing that was huge was abortion, it is not legal in Honduras and this goes on well with my previous post as there are girls as little as 11-13 who are being forced to carry on with there pregnancy and give birth baring in mind the reason they are pregnant is because they have been raped. You can get longer than the rapist if you are found out to have had an abortion. Ridiculous, what kind of laws are these? They do not protect these poor woman but simply show them no way out.

Woman have no voice in this country and it is really heart-breaking, there is also no support from the government and that just shows how much this country is ran by these gangs. There are people who don’t even report the murders to the police as they are threatened by these gangs that their lives will be endangered if they do so. Therefore, many of these crimes go unpunished which in my opinion only fuels more murderers and rapists to continue if not also give the ones who are scared to commit these crimes courage to do so as only 90% of these go unpunished.

There is also belief in the fact that there has been a rise in killings due to a right-winged coup and since this right-winged coup has taken over there has been a 60% rise in the two largest cities. The president returned 2 years later but the damage had been done and also the killings towards women haven’t really gone down either. Being a “pretty” girl is also dangerous in Honduras because if a man approaches you and you try to say no, you will still get it by force.

The sad reality is that the only way for women to have a chance to survive is to leave the country.

This is happening now in this present time just because you don’t see it or live it does not mean it isn’t happening because it very much is and thousands of woman are dying. Imagine waking up and fearing for your life everyday simply for the fact that your were born female…

This power, this ego that these men have are disgusting and absurd. Treating these women as if they are possessions and not humans, treating woman as if they are a less than them. These men are sick but what is the most sad part is these woman know no better, a lot of these woman think that this behaviour is normal and that maybe they did something to deserve this hatred being portrayed to them by the person who is supposed to love them the most. They grow up watching it, the boys grow up watching it and the viscous cycle continues.

I am truly disgusted in what I have learned it is disturbing that humans can do this to one and other, especially from someone who is supposed to love you the most. People need to realise that when you take someones life you are not just taking one life, your are taking small pieces of others lives, creating a permanent hole which can never be for filled.

It is most definitely an interesting topic however for all the wrong reasons and I wish nothing but love for theses females fighting a daily battle to survive. Your strength is not dismissed and for the ones who have lost there lives you are most definitely missed.

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