Honduras is not female friendly part 1.

Honduras is a topic that i have been learning for my independent research project in my A level Spanish carefully chosen in the end due to having elements i feel strongly about and also the fact it is truly horrific to be a woman in Honduras. I would like to make it aware to everyone just the kind of things that go on in Honduras.

A bit of background about Honduras to set the scene is that it is a country in central america and it is very poor. Honduras is known sadly for its violent ways, military rule and being corrupt. Furthermore, the deaths of women( those who are murdered by relatives or their partners) are so high that they have their own term: “Femicide” .

More than 3,000 women have been murdered in Honduras in the past decade and 40% of these murders are thought to have occurred during these last 2 years. The horrific thing is that many and many of these murders go unsolved and therefore go unpunished because many of these men who are killing these women are gang related and everyone including the government of Honduras are petrified of them. These women aren’t simply just murdered they are also burned, raped and tortured before being killed. How disgusting and what is worse was when i watched the documentary by: Stacey Dooley showing her going around asking men in prisons what they were in there for and none were ashamed. Many laughed, smiled and did not seem bothered. A group of men even said that because a woman doesn’t do as they please it gives them the right to torture, rape and murder them.

Another thing that was huge was abortion, it is not legal in Honduras and this goes on well with my previous post as there are girls as little as 11-13 who are being forced to carry on with there pregnancy and give birth baring in mind the reason they are pregnant is because they have been raped. You can get longer than the rapist if you are found out to have had an abortion. Ridiculous, what kind of laws are these? They do not protect these poor woman but simply show them no way out.

Woman have no voice in this country and it is really heart-breaking, there is also no support from the government and that just shows how much this country is ran by these gangs. There are people who don’t even report the murders to the police as they are threatened by these gangs that their lives will be endangered if they do so. Therefore, many of these crimes go unpunished which in my opinion only fuels more murderers and rapists to continue if not also give the ones who are scared to commit these crimes courage to do so as only 90% of these go unpunished.

There is also belief in the fact that there has been a rise in killings due to a right-winged coup and since this right-winged coup has taken over there has been a 60% rise in the two largest cities. The president returned 2 years later but the damage had been done and also the killings towards women haven’t really gone down either. Being a “pretty” girl is also dangerous in Honduras because if a man approaches you and you try to say no, you will still get it by force.

The sad reality is that the only way for women to have a chance to survive is to leave the country.

This is happening now in this present time just because you don’t see it or live it does not mean it isn’t happening because it very much is and thousands of woman are dying. Imagine waking up and fearing for your life everyday simply for the fact that your were born female…

This power, this ego that these men have are disgusting and absurd. Treating these women as if they are possessions and not humans, treating woman as if they are a less than them. These men are sick but what is the most sad part is these woman know no better, a lot of these woman think that this behaviour is normal and that maybe they did something to deserve this hatred being portrayed to them by the person who is supposed to love them the most. They grow up watching it, the boys grow up watching it and the viscous cycle continues.

I am truly disgusted in what I have learned it is disturbing that humans can do this to one and other, especially from someone who is supposed to love you the most. People need to realise that when you take someones life you are not just taking one life, your are taking small pieces of others lives, creating a permanent hole which can never be for filled.

It is most definitely an interesting topic however for all the wrong reasons and I wish nothing but love for theses females fighting a daily battle to survive. Your strength is not dismissed and for the ones who have lost there lives you are most definitely missed.

Abortion Ban in some states of America!

Hi guys! So this is a big topic that i have been extremely opinionated and thriving to talk about. Abortion: the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. There is the definition of abortion for anyone who is unsure. So it is quite a recent topic which has been causing outrage throughout the world. A brief summary of what has been going on is that in different states of America the abortion ban has been taken differently in each one. Some have outright banned abortion, some have the “heartbeat pills” which gives a certain time limit to pursue with abortion(within the six weeks of the pregnancy) and some have different rules to it.

Lets begin with the fact that i am extremely against the ban of abortions because firstly most opinions or those placing the laws are males. Now males in my opinion should not really have a say on whether abortions should or should not be legal. Males will never know what it is like to have a baby forming inside you, the mixed feelings and whether the mother is ready for the kid. Now do not get me wrong i am not for abortion, i think it is a really sad and very dangerous procedure which has been proven to give complications after the procedure and some women are even faced with death. However, what i do not stand for is the nerve of someone without ovaries to feel as though they have the right to dedicate whether or not you should be allowed to go through with abortion. I have seen males with high statuses voice their disgusting opinions about how females should just close their legs and then it wouldn’t be a problem or that if they’ve been raped that they should stop fighting it and just enjoy it. Now if that doesn’t trigger your every nerve then i do not know whether all your brain cells are there. What is worse is the fact that these politicians or members of higher up are allowed to make these statements like it isn’t an issue and oh, you guys want to give them the power to run this world and then question the downfall of humanity? World full of hypocrites.

Women should have full control of what they do with there body, no matter how much society has evolved woman are still not equal, decisions are made for us. We are not incapable or less than a man.This procedure should be up to the woman in the situation.

I am aware that there are downsides and also consequences to having an abortion mentally and physically but it is much better than giving birth and resenting your child or putting it up for adoption. Everyone screams out adoption like it should be a normal day to day thing “just give birth and put the child up for adoption”. It is not that simple and also it shouldn’t be seen that way. Adoption isn’t always a good thing or foster homes because there are sadly some horrible people who just do it for the money and don’t actually look after the children properly. In addition to this putting so many kids up for adoption is leaving hundreds and hundreds of kids without homes. who grow up feeling unloved and with many unanswered questions.

I am just going to conclude this with the fact that i am not either for or against abortion in general but i do not agree with banning abortion completely. Women who have been raped, are underage and have fallen pregnant should definitely be allowed to decide whether or not they want to abort. On the other hand that is not an excuse for females who continuously get impregnated due to not using protection and then keep trying to get an abortion because that is outright wrong.You can’t just simply say that the mothers have to give birth to the baby and then not think of the consequences that come with forcing the mother to keep the baby. If you are so against killing of a child then how about you think of the consequences of the child’s life who your forcing into this world, make sure your not about to bring a new life in to the world just for her/him to die emotionally.

Those are just some of my thoughts on abortion, can’t really change the world with this but you for sure can get some people thinking. I have been studying other places where abortion is illegal and a lot of the women who are trying to go through with the abortion were raped or were as young as 13. You guys are so against killing a child’s life but are so slow to realise your killing another child’s life in the process but i’m guessing that because the child isn’t in the womb it doesn’t count, right? The child is giving birth to another child, but you all turn a blind eye.

The government or embassy is also very quick to say they are doing the best for the people but don’t realise that the more mothers that are forced to give birth, the more kids are put up for adoption, the more children grow up without living in a proper home without parents and that then causes a lot of mental trauma, anxiety and so many other issues.

That’s all i’m going to say on this topic.

Brexit or Fools exit?

Today I am bringing you the topic of Brexit. what is it you ask? well i can inform you that it is a consequence to the peoples actions after a referendum that has taken place. This referendum : a vote by the electorate on a political question referred to them for a concluding decision, began on the 23rd June 2016. Brexit is simply the withdrawal of the united kingdom from the European Union. Expanding further the European Union was established in 1993 with a coalition of 28( now that Britain is withdrawing/ has, 27) European countries, which was created to tear down trade, economic and social barriers… In addition to this, the concluding results were that the vote “leave” won with 51.89% and the vote “remain” lost with the percentage of 48.11% . David Cameron who was our Prime Minister had said that he will step down after Britain had shockingly voted to leave the European Union because he said “fresh leadership” was needed. It was obvious that David Cameron was distraught after the results after the fact that it was said that the “remain” side was looking good in the last few days of the referendum. David Cameron has said that his politic days are over and i think part of his reasons for this is the fact that he was running the “remain” campaign and they lost. He had many great ideas and hope for Britain promising: to help resolve the immigration issues reasonably, supporting gay rights and marriages, keeping Britain united. David Cameron would like to think that Britain will continue to stay very much united however that has taken a tole… Not long after the confirmation that Britain is to leave the EU, Ms Sturgeon said a second Scottish referendum was “on the table” and that the Scottish government would prepare legislation to enable one. Therefore are we continuing to stay united or has Brexit given other countries confidence to also want independence from the EU? The idea of having this referendum was because Britain wanted to: control their own borders, get money back and pass out their own laws. In my opinion, most people wanted to leave the EU because they thought that it would stop immigrants from coming into the United Kingdom and make Britain great again. I feel as though this is absurd, immigrants are still going to be allowed in and most immigrants come to Britain for a better life and not to steal British peoples jobs. I feel as though those are what the people who voted leave saw as the advantages. Yes we now do get to control our borders but that is to a certain extent, that does not mean at any point that immigrants cannot come in to Britain. That is simply what closed- minded, prejudiced and narrow- minded people think; which is rather disappointing because we should be united. Moving on to the reasons why David Cameron was correct to have taken the “remain” side. What people do not seem to realise is that Britain actually will and is financially benefiting from immigration, the more workers the more money goes to the government. Therefore, adding more to the economy than what they are taking. Furthermore due to the EU trade there is more job opportunities and less unemployment; if we leave unemployment is bound to rise up and the unemployment statistics will rise. A few more factors that i will mention is: the fact that the value of the pound will drop, trading may become harder and even more expensive, the cost of living may go up( most likely). There are so many disadvantages to leaving the EU, yet we still decided to leave. In conclusion, I am with the “remain” side there are more positives that outbalance the negatives, Some things could be firmed up but leaving the EU seems like a ridiculous and quick way out. Some people do not even know what they are voting for, they are simply voting for what they think will happen if we leave. So to make it clear no, immigrants will not stop coming into Britain, laws will not drastically change and no Britain will not become great. Britain is already great. These points are a basic overviews of the situation of Brexit. in addition to this my opinions have also been made clear throughout this piece .

Introducing me and the blog!

Hiya guy! So this is going to be a much more chill and less sophisticated blog as i am going to be introducing myself and a bit more about what has caused me to commence this blog.

To begin with I am currently a 17 year old girl, with lots of ambitions in life and I am about to go into my second year of sixth form( year 13). Yep big and stressful year coming up! I study 4 A levels, currently I am trilingual, doing a scholarship for the football team Peterborough United, also have a 3 year modelling contract and balancing a part time job! I won’t sit here and say it is all easy because it is not but i believe it will all be worth it in the end. I am like any other human i procrastinate, make mistakes (wow i admitted that) and have my off days but i aspire to grow myself everyday. I am like every young adult i like to listen to music, go out for meals with my friends and spend time with family.

Now what has caused me to start this idea of blogging is that i saw my friend doing it and saw how much effort and passion he put into his work. I also am a very opinionated person with reason who likes her opinion to be heard, i like to help in ways which i can and alert people of things they aren’t aware. I also like to say things which most people wouldn’t dare, i am definitely a big character but in the most respectful and educated way possible. I despise seeing people get disrespected and being made to seem inadequate. I also have strong opinions on situations which are sadly going on around the world and would like to bring awareness to others or simply to get peoples minds ticking the slightest.

But hey! That is just a small preview i have big ideas planned for my future blogs so stay tuned, also i will be dropping one which i have already posted elsewhere because that is where i was thinking of beginning my journey but this seems like a better platform! STAY TUNED!

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